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There comes a time when owning an aircraft makes more economic sense than chartering. Infinity Aviation Group is well statistically positioned to help you in choosing the right aircraft for your needs and to direct the entire process of locating, performing contract negotiations, pre-purchase inspections and ultimately putting the aircraft into service.

We'll Locate Your Next Aircraft

lookingWith an experienced staff having over 25 years in the aircraft acquisition, completion, refurbishing and maintenance of new and used aircraft, Infinity Aviation Group can save you tremendous amounts of time, money and headaches. You can rest assure that your new aircraft will be acquired at the most reasonable prevailing price, will be properly inspected by the most reputable shops, and will have been maintained according to the manufacturer's specifications, all before you ever take possession of it. All work will be done in a transparent manner, so you, the end user, will know that your best interest is always our primary concern at Infinity Aviation Group.

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